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Part type: Engine Oil Pressure Switch


For Mating Connector Use 1P3406


Name Value
MaterialPlastic, Metal
Length1.96 in
ColorBlack, Silver
Terminal TypeBlade
Connector Quantity1
Terminal Quantity3
Connector GenderFemale
Terminal GenderMale

Buyers Guide

Make Model Engine Year
AcuraILX1.5L -cid 13-15
AcuraMDX3.0L -cid 17-20
AcuraMDX3.5L -cid 14-20
AcuraNSX3.5L -cid 17-20
AcuraRDX3.5L -cid 13-18
AcuraRLX3.5L -cid 14-20
AcuraTLX3.5L -cid 15-20
HondaAccord1.5L -cid 18-20
HondaAccord2.0L 122cid 18-20
HondaAccord3.5L -cid 08-17
HondaAccord Crosstour3.5L -cid 10-11
HondaCivic1.5L -cid 12-15, 20
HondaCivic1.8L -cid 06-12
HondaCivic2.0L 122cid 18-20
HondaClarity1.5L -cid 18-20
HondaCR-V1.5L -cid 19-19
HondaCR-V2.4L 144cid 19-19
HondaCrosstour3.5L -cid 12-15
HondaFit1.5L -cid 15-20
HondaInsight1.3L -cid 10-14
HondaInsight1.5L -cid 20-20
HondaOdyssey3.5L -cid 08-20
HondaPassport3.5L -cid 19-20
HondaPilot3.5L -cid 09-20
HondaRidgeline3.5L -cid 17-20

Oil Pressure Switch Sensor Specifications

Thread Size Miscellaneous Specifications
  • M10-1.25
  • No Data

Miscellaneous Documentation

Document Type Document
Part Description and Function
BulletinSales Drawing
Part Number 1P3406 -PhotoElectrical Connector

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