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Part type: Engine Oil Pressure Switch


Name Value
Length2.04 in
ColorBlack, Silver
Terminal TypeThreaded
Connector Quantity1
Terminal Quantity1
Connector GenderMale
Terminal GenderMale

Buyers Guide

Make Model Engine Year
JeepCJ53.7L 225cid 66-67
JeepCJ5A2.2L 134cid 66-66
JeepCJ5A3.7L 225cid 66-67
JeepCJ63.7L 225cid 66-66
JeepCJ6A3.7L 225cid 66-67
JeepDJ33.2L 192cid 63-66
JeepDJ53.2L 192cid 65-65
JeepDJ53.7L 225cid 66-67
JeepDJ63.2L 192cid 65-65
JeepDJ63.7L 225cid 66-67
JeepFC1502.2L 134cid 62-65
JeepFC1503.7L 226cid 64-64
JeepFC1702.2L 134cid 64-64
JeepFC1703.7L 226cid 63-64
JeepFC170HD3.7L 225cid 63-64
JeepFJ32.2L 134cid 64-64
JeepFJ3A2.2L 134cid 64-64
JeepGladiator3.8L 230cid 62-64
JeepJ-2003.8L 230cid 63-64
JeepJ-2003.8L 232cid 64-64
JeepJ-3003.8L 230cid 63-64
JeepJ-3003.8L 232cid 64-64
JeepJ-3103.8L 230cid 63-64
JeepJ-3103.8L 232cid 64-64
JeepJ-3203.8L 230cid 63-64
JeepJ-3203.8L 232cid 64-64
JeepJ-3303.8L 230cid 63-64
JeepJ-3303.8L 232cid 64-64
Volvo1221.8L 109cid 67-68
Volvo1221.8L 112cid 68-68

Oil Pressure Switch Sensor Specifications

Thread Size Miscellaneous Specifications
  • 1/8-27 NPTF
  • No Data

Miscellaneous Documentation

Document Type Document
Part Description and Function
BulletinSales Drawing

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